The Church History of HOGLV

Our church history began in April 1994 when the Lord spoke to Pastor Donnell Horn, Sr., telling him that there was a great need for him to organize a church. Being obedient, Pastor Horn called a meeting with a group of selected people. They met at a Denny’s restaurant. With God at the head of the table, steps began for what would later become the House of God Las Vegas.

In June 1994, Pastor Horn, Elder O. L. Jefferson, and the congregation of St. John Church of God in Christ welcomed New Revelation to use their building for worship services. A charter was opened for those wanting to be a member of the newly created New Revelation Baptist Church. Upon closing, there were 65 names on the charter.

The first Trustee Board was appointed with Deacon Evans Watkins as Chairman. Sister Everlene Taylor was named Treasurer, Sister Vivian Buchanan was named Financial Secretary, and Sisters Marcella Thomas and Creola Collins were the remaining Directors.

We officially became the New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church in July of 1994 when we received the official seal from the Secretary of State for Nevada. On November 6, 1994, was the first official Lord’s Day service held at St. Mark Masonic Lodge. This was the first temporary meeting place. At this location, we held weekly

prayer, business meeting, Bible Study, and choir rehearsal.

On December 11, 1994, the members and Pastor Horn went to 1311 West Owens to conduct prayer and dedication for want would become the first official home of the New Revelation Baptist Church. After significant prayer and hard work, the church held its first service in its new home on February 5, 1995. Between February 5 and November 10, 1995, Pastor Horn issued the right hand of fellowship to 106 individuals. Eleven of them came as candidates for baptism. The remaining months of 1994 and 1995 became a series of first for the church.

  • Our first communion on August 16, 1994
  • First baby boy christened – Brother Mikilaian McCoy (Pastor Horn’s grandson)
  • First baby girl christened – Sister Amber Carroll
  • First baptism candidate – Brother Deshawn Johnston
  • First ordained deacons – Deacons Michael Brown and Walter Marshall
  • First deaconesses – Deaconesses Rosielean Watkins, Sheila Scott Greer, Vivian Buchanan, Nettie Perry, and Beatrice Perry
  • First church nurse – Brother Nelson Lindsey
  • First choir president – Brother Thorn Boyd
  • First usher board president – Sister Eurel Bradley

Similarly, the first invitation to Pastor Horn and the New Revelation church to serve as a guest preacher and congregation was issued by Pastor Tyrone Seals and the Metropolitan Baptist Church.

Pastor Horn received a divine vision to relocate to church to its current location at 615 West Van Buren. With devoted, hard-working members and friends, and many prayers the church body was able to restore the building. In February 1997, the membership dedicated its new location and held its first worship service. Later in the same year, New Revelation purchased in sum 1309 West Owens with plans to erect the New Revelation Plaza. In 2003, the church took out a mortgage to purchase our current location.

Under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Horn, new sons were licensed into the preaching of the gospel ministry – Ministers John Riley and Anthony Egnor. Additionally, seven deacons were ordained – Deacons Kevin Dewberry, Rodney Johnson, Karven Bowen, Mac McCalister, James Jacob, Kevin Murray, and Curtis Wilson.

In February of 2004, the Church held a ten-year anniversary banquet. During the banquet, Pastor Horn honored ten of the original church members, seven of whom were still present – Shelia Scott, Reesie Frazier, Janice Brumfield, Hazel Jones, Mack Smith, Evans Watkins, and Nelson Lindsey. Following the ten-year anniversary of the New Revelation Baptist Church and Pastor Horn’s celebration of 30 years in the ordained ministry, God called the man who served as our establishmentarian, pastor, minister, teacher, preacher, father, and friend home to receive his heavenly reward. On October 5, 2004. Pastor Horn swapped time for eternity.

Pastor Rogers Lynch III was elected by the corporate body as the Interim Pastor. He served faithfully for over one year in the fast of obstacles and uncertainty. The steadfast love of the Lord was manifested on December 2, 2005, and Reverend Ollie L. Reddick Jr. was elected the second pastor of New Revelation Baptist Church.

For eight years, Pastor Reddick captained the New Revelation ark. During the second pastoral administration, the Church experienced significant deaths in the leadership – Deacon Clarence Key, Deacon James Jacobs, Deacon James Gordon, Minister David Marel, and Deacon John Leeper. Despite the strong winds and storms of the season, God led the church faithfully through rough seas and into steady calm. Several members transferred and transitioned, but Pastor Reddick focused on expanding the preaching ministry of the church. Under his leadership, New Revelation Baptist Church licensed our female into the preaching ministry – Minister Kathy Johnson.

Under Pastor Reddick, the Church also issued licenses to Ministers Bruce Smith, Jeannette Williams, Robert McClemore, and Robert Williams. Pastor Reddick ordained and elevated Reverends John Riley and Anthony Egnor. Additionally, the office of Evangelist was instituted with licensed issued to Evangelists Angela Perry, Rosielean Watkins, and Lavette Brumfield. Pastor Reddick also ordained Deacons David Stokely, Lamar McNeal, Donald McCall, Bruce Smith (prior to his call to preach), and Marcus Perry. Two deaconesses were also added to the church leadership – Deaconesses Carolyn Stokely and Joann Johnson.

The church also began remodeling the building in 2008. Many walls came down and petitions went up, doors were relocated, and the side-facing layout of the church was repositioned. With the enablement and hard work of church members, a pastoral study, a secretarial office space, restrooms, and the fellowship hall were established.

Just like the Israelites, the members of New Revelation are determined to keep our focus on God. After the departure of Pastor Reddick, Reverend M. C. Brown II, a man after God’s on heart, was elected Interim Pastor after preaching his initial sermon on March 3, 2014. He was unanimously elected as the third pastor of the New Revelation Baptist Church on August 16, 2015. On November 24, 2015, Reverend Brown was officially installed as the Senior Pastor.

The third pastoral administration has been committed to powerful teaching ministries, leadership development classes, and created a worship experience where spiritual gifts are manifested. Fifth Sundays have been designated as Family and Friends Fellowship Sundays and each of the annual days have been refreshed for the covenant and auxiliary ministries. Several existing ministries have been renamed and new ones formed – Congregational Care, God’s Divine Angels dance troupe, H.Y.P.E – Holy Young People Empowered, the Men of Issachar men’s fellowship, Hospitality and Visitors, the Merry Makers senior members club, the Marriage and Family enrichment group, I Thirst outreach and evangelism, S.W.A.T. – Singles With A Testimony, the Social Media and Digital Outreach team, Intercessory Pray, the Safety and Security Team, and the Church Mortgage Task Force.

In addition to ministry expansion, the New Revelation Baptist Church edifice has been remodeled and audiovisual technology has been added to enable the church to carry its ministry outside of the walls of 615 West Van Buren. Under the third pastoral administration, every worship experience operates under and asterisk (meaning that everything is subject to change under the guidance of the Holy Ghost). Under Pastor Brown, the church has licensed two individuals into the preaching ministry – Ministers Alexander LaFleur and Nelson Lindsey and has several in training. Pastor Brown also convened an ordination council for the elevation of five ministers, two deacons, and the ordination of the church’s first deaconess – Deaconess Johnnie Bell.

Under the dedicated leadership of Pastor Brown, the New Revelation Baptist Church of Las Vegas has been growing spiritually and numerically. The church has a new constitution and bylaws that captures the heart and commitment of the membership to abide by biblical principles in organization and operation. In addition to covenant ministries and auxiliaries, church programming now includes tutoring, food assistance, benevolence, and missions support.

On December 11, 2022, the church body voted to begin doing business as God’s Church: New Revelation. This branding was designed to welcome all faiths and members into the household of faith and reinforce our existence as an organized organism that edifies the savior, evangelizes the sinner, and equips the saints. Little did we realize that God was orchestrating our steps on a divine path based on Isaiah 43:19 – “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”

On March 14, 2022, the corporate body received a letter from Dr. Clary K. Butler, Sr., the Senior Bishop of the House of God Which is the Church of the Living God the Pillar and Ground of the Truth Without Controversy. The letter authorized an official fact- finding, assessment committee to be conducted on March 19, 2022. On March 19, the church received Bishop Kelly Allen of Massachusetts, Bishop Queenie Filey of California, and Dr. Clary K. Butler, Jr. the Executive Director of the House of God Branch Office. After a private examination of the pastor, a public church meeting was convened at 12:45 pm. The meeting concluded with the opening of a charter to birth the House of God Las Vegas.

The charter remained open for four weeks. On April 21, 2022, the Supreme Executive Council (the corporate ecclesiastical body) of the House of God Church convened to review the charter for the House of God Las Vegas. A report was issued by Dr. Butler, Jr. and commentary was given by Bishop Allen. After a manifestation of the Holy Spirit online, a motion was made by Bishop Gilbert Evans of Florida. No second or support was given as the Spirit continued to move among the Council. A unanimous vote was recorded by acclamation.

In June of 2022, delegates from the House of God Las Vegas attended the General Assembly and holy convocation of the fellowship. Seven ministers participated in the confirmation, ordination, and reclassification process. Reverends Myrna Greene, Robert Greene, Julie Harris, Kathy LaFleur, Angela Perry, and Jeannette Williams were confirmed, ordained, and reclassified as ordained reverends with international licenses. Dr. M. C. Brown II was confirmed, ordained, and reclassified as State Elder and appointed to the newly created diocese of Nevada.

The House of God Las Vegas is God’s Church. We are a hand clapping, feet stomping, Christ loving, faith walking – Church of the Living God. We are committed to reach, connect, disciple, and mobilize for the cause of Christ.

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